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Innovation and Entrepreneurship is now one of the main pillars building a better world to live. For that Hadath GIE chose to be the catalyst in developing the MENA region through management and consultancy in the domains of innovation and entrepreneurship. We create, manage and consult entities and programs working in these domains all over the MENA region and globally.

Our Strategy

Focus Hadath GIE devotes all of its work to innovation and entrepreneurship. It develops programs to imprint its own role in supporting innovation and entrepreneurship and tends to make various partnerships and maintain very well-established channels with profit and non-profit organizations and with different types of companies to reach a new level of profes-sionalism.

Our Vision

Hadath GIE pursues being a trustworthy professional company in the MENA region that completely devotes its effort to support the innovation and entrepreneurship in addition to advocating initiatives that helps youth all over the region to build up a strong foundation for creative ideas.

Our Mission

Hadath GIE initiates programs that serves the vision of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship by either launching programs or taking part in established programs that meets the company’s expectations and this is done through tech-nical programs, events and competitions that helps the community and especially youth on different ages and levels to define their needs and reach for new ideas for the society development and linking these ideas with the convenient channels for needed resources. The company is project management driven which assures excellent productivity.

Our Values

  1. We serve what can benefit our community, society and Country.
  2. We reinforce the idea of entrepreneurship to be part of our society.
  3. Integrity is our way to success.

Dream Team

Here in this team we are all together believe that we can do what no one can do and make big changes in the world

Our success is all built on human resources working in this team. They do the whole success process of Hadath GIE. We believe in super powers of loving group of people having harmony in working together. One do what he loves to do much more than what must be done.

We choose brilliant minds to tell us what we should do by their power of minds and put their brilliance on track through the experience offered by the team management.

Quality is a process that we always seek through the involvement of every mind in the team having enough diversity of criticism. Everyone always has a role in what we do.

  • Mohamed Aboud



  • MoezBellah AlShareef

    Vice CEO


  • Mohamed Hosny

    Administration Officer


  • Mohammed AlSabbagh

    Graphic Designer


  • Mahmoud AbdelAziz

    Project Manager


  • Ahmed Sobhy

    Project Coordinator


  • Aya Yasser

    Marketing Specialist


  • Ahmed Ezzat

    Public Relations