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Welcome To Hadath GIE

Innovation and Entrepreneurship is now one of the main pillars building a better world to live. For that Hadath GIE chose to be the catalyst in developing the MENA region through management and consultancy in the domains of innovation and entrepreneurship. We create, manage and consult entities and programs working in these domains all over the MENA region and globally.

Why You Should Deal with GIE

  • Flexible


  • Innovation


  • Networking


  • Supportive


  • Professional Quality

    Professional Quality

  • Experience


We Are Good At

Services we offer are guaranteed with a big history in innovation and entrepreneurship world


  • Project Management

    Project Management

    Strong planning and quality based execution is what a successful project need
  • Cosultation


    Experience is a must for your success and Hadath GIE has what you need to build a successful project
  • Training


    Innovation and Entrepreneurship success starts from knowledge for that we can never miss pioneering their training
  • Competitions


    We organize different international competitions and still can do much more with stubborn experience
  • Conferences & Exhibitions

    Conferences & Exhibitions

    Conference and Exhibitions needs wide network, high quality, knowledge, marketing and wide experience and that what Hadath GIE base on as assets to work
  • Marketing


    Strong outreach ensures success and how high is the quality it never goes without strong marketing

Long list of success

Hadath GIE has a long list of projects and success stories know more about some of these projects


Hadath GIE

Success of nations and societies comes hard through its people and our role is help build the calibers of societies that can carry the responsibility of success and build strong successful nations with there minds and souls.

We do this through innovation and entrepreneurship building pioneers of business and technology and found that project management in these domain can give us a chance to make all organizations working on the same domains stronger.

Dream Team

Here in this team we are all together believe that we can do what no one can do and make big changes in the world

Our success is all built on human resources working in this team. They do the whole success process of Hadath GIE. We believe in super powers of loving group of people having harmony in working together. One do what he loves to do much more than what must be done.

We choose brilliant minds to tell us what we should do by their power of minds and put their brilliance on track through the experience offered by the team management.

Quality is a process that we always seek through the involvement of every mind in the team having enough diversity of criticism. Everyone always has a role in what we do.


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